Frequently Asked Questions

What is CleanSlate?

CleanSlate is a patent-pending academic integrity technology that eliminates cheating via the copying of test answers.

How does CleanSlate work?

CleanSlate has three components: a privacy screen, a stylus, and special paper.

Prior to the exam period, the test is printed on our special paper. During the exam, the test paper is slid inside the privacy screen, which looks like a plastic folder, and students use the stylus to mark their answers. The test paper reacts with the stylus using a special dye so no ink is needed. And, because of our patent-pending technology, each student’s neighbors will only see black if they try to peek at their answers from either side, back, or front. This means that every student’s answers stay their own.

Why was CleanSlate created?

What if there was a way to verify that every paper test taken in the United States, and eventually the world, was the student’s own work? That’s why we created CleanSlate. It disrupts the current cycle of test cheating in the American education system and ensures that students have the opportunity to succeed on their own merit.

How can I get CleanSlate?

CleanSlate product samples are available upon request. If you would like to arrange a pre-order or test our product, please call us at 415-745-2958 or reach out via our contact page.

Did we miss something?

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